Car Wash

This is an easy, fun and potentially messy activity. You can do this inside in your kitchen sink while you prep dinner (that’s what I did today), you can do it outside on a warm day or you can do it at bath time. All you will need is some cars, soap (we used bubble bath) and a sponge. Using a tray like I did is optional, but it may keep it from getting too messy or not, LOL.

Crushed Garlic Batch

1lb of peeled garlic

Crush it in the food processor until desired consistency, I like it EXTRA smooth, I want to taste the garlic but I don’t want to bite into it in my food.

Tips – I use a Pyrex glass container because it has a tight seal, so my fridge and everything in it does NOT smell like garlic.

I always wash the container by hand so the dish washer don’t smell like garlic, believe me I learned that the hard way.

Before you put your garlic in a new batch, make sure your glass container is EXTRA clean and dry.

When using garlic for your recipes, use a clean spoon. Don’t double dip, if you touch the pan with the garlic spoon — don’t put it back into the garlic container, keep it clean!

I’ve heard of people doing it and their garlic turned green!? I think it’s a reaction to copper. This never happened to me yet and I never had a garlic batch that went bad before I could finish. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. It lasts a little over 1 month.