Crushed Garlic Batch

1lb of peeled garlic

Crush it in the food processor until desired consistency, I like it EXTRA smooth, I want to taste the garlic but I don’t want to bite into it in my food.

Tips – I use a Pyrex glass container because it has a tight seal, so my fridge and everything in it does NOT smell like garlic.

I always wash the container by hand so the dish washer don’t smell like garlic, believe me I learned that the hard way.

Before you put your garlic in a new batch, make sure your glass container is EXTRA clean and dry.

When using garlic for your recipes, use a clean spoon. Don’t double dip, if you touch the pan with the garlic spoon — don’t put it back into the garlic container, keep it clean!

I’ve heard of people doing it and their garlic turned green!? I think it’s a reaction to copper. This never happened to me yet and I never had a garlic batch that went bad before I could finish. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. It lasts a little over 1 month.